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Trade futures on the CME, ICE, EUREX and CBOE futures exchanges, with competitive commissions and reliable execution.

Low commission rates

Classic Accounts permit trading the following 60 futures contracts from the CME, ICE, EUREX and CBOE futures exchanges.

Futures blucorpfx accounts permit trading the following 60 futures contracts from the CME, ICE, EUREX and CBOE futures exchanges.

Exchange Symbol Name TWS Symbol Currency All in Cost (CCY) * Intraday Initial
Margin **
Intraday Maintenance
Overnight Initial
Overnight Maintenance
Exchange Asset Class Size Contract Size Tick size Tick value Expirations Close-out period *** Available expirations
in DARWIN account ****
Trading hours Market Data Subscription Key Information Document

* Total fees include Darwinex fees, Exchange fees and Regulatory fees.

** Initial amount per contract in USD that investors need to deposit as margin (This value is indicative only, final margin required being calculated at the time of trade execution)

*** Futures contracts with physical delivery are subject to a close-out period prior to contract expiration, the objective of which is to avoid possible negative prices and delivery of the underlying. Clients must close or roll forward their positions before the start of the close-out period or risk them being liquidated automatically.

**** Available from the displayed number of days prior to contract expiry.

Account margin & interest rates

Margin rates*

≤ 100,000: 2.09% (BM + 2%)

100,000 ≤ 1,000,000: 1.59% (BM + 1.5%)

1,000,000 ≤ 3,000,000: 1.09% (BM + 1%)

3,000,000 ≤ 200,000,000: 0.89% (BM + 0.8%)

Interest rates

0 ≤ 10,000 : 0%

> 10,000 : 0% (BM - 1%)

* When calculating rates, please note that Darwinex uses a blended rate.

For example, for balances over USD 1,000,000: The first 100,000 is charged at the Tier I rate, the next 900,000 at the Tier II rate, and so on.

When determining the quoted spread, Darwinex will use the set benchmark rate - or a benchmark rate of 0 - for all benchmark rates less than 0.

Darwinex accrues interest on a daily basis and posts actual interest monthly, on the third business day of the following month.

The tiers on which interest is based may change periodically without prior notification to clients. Such adjustments are performed to account for changes in currency rates (in USD).

Benchmark: Fed Funds Effective (Overnight Rate)

Market Data Subscription

Exchange Cost / month
CME $10
ICE - IPE $133.75
ICE - NYBOT $120.75
ICE - ICEEU $120.75
CBOE - CFE $11
Eurex €8.75
Exchange Cost / month
CME - NYMEX $112.5
CME - CBOT $118
CME $118
ICE - NYBOT $120.75
ICE - IPE $133.75
CBOE - CFE €12

Clients without a paid market data subscription receive prices delayed by 15 minutes. Clients whose monthly commissions exceed $30 however, are exempt from paying for market data.

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